BSEN12588:2006 - the complete range

Code Green

Soaker Lead

1.25 -1.32 mm

(6% market share)

Code Yellow & Blue

*Flashing Lead

1.50 - 1.80mm

(53% market share)

Code Red

Sheet Lead

2.00 - 2.24mm

(34% market share)

Code Black

Sheet Lead

2.50 -2.65mm

(4% market share)

Code White

Sheet Lead

3.00 -3.15mm

(2% market share)

Code Orange

Sheet Lead

3.50 -3.55mm

(1% market share)


Soaker Lead


(6m x 300mm)

1.32 mm

(6m x 300mm)

Indicative saving


Flashing Lead


(6m x 300mm)


(6m x 300mm)

Indicative saving



Sheet Lead


(6m x 850mm)


(6m x 850mm)

Indicative saving


Sheet Lead


(6m x 850mm)


(6m x 850mm)

Indicative saving


Sheet Lead


(6m x 850mm)


(6m x 850mm)

Indicative saving


Sheet Lead


(6m x 850mm)


(6m x 850mm)

Indicative saving



·  The indicative rates shown here are offered as an example of saving that can be achieve when comparing rates purchased within a Colour Code range.

·  *Flashing Lead includes both Yellow and Blue colour codes and compares rate across the entire range as a comparison of a product when used for a like for like purpose.

·  Colour Code Blue (1.75 -180mm) offers an indicative saving of £2.00/roll across the code range when comparing a 6m x 450mm roll.

·  Indicative rates represent an achievable 'mean position' with actual savings fluctuating in line with commodity market movements as well as economies of scale relating to order size.

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Questions we're asked

Is this New..?


No; 'The Complete Range’ as defined by BSEN12588:2006 is not new. Abbey Metals is simply offering ALL the products as clearly laid out within the standard, not just the heavier sizes.


Why now..?


As a result of the CMA investigation into Roofing Materials (case reference 50477) some institutions have revisited advice previously offered to them by ‘the lead industry’ and as a result, reputable bodies such as the National House Building Council (NHBC) have amended standards to include the correct product description as defined by 12588.


Will other manufactures begin to offer the complete range..?


We believe it is inevitable. However, UK Contractors would probably be justified, supported by their relevant associations, in asking a few searching questions as to why it hadn’t happened prior to Abbey Metals intervention (?).


Example of questions relating to this; these should not be read as the views of Abbey Metals or any of its employees. Rather, it’s our attempt to distil the views/questions of tens of Contractors and Specifiers that we’ve spoken to in the last couple of months:


1. Why now, why not sooner (?)

2. Why, when attending industry training and professional CPD's, whilst referencing 12588, have I not been made aware of the full extent of the Colour Code range (?)

3. How have manufacturing codes, not the Colour Codes as tabled within 12588 ended up in the national standards BS6915 (?)

4. Why is it, when Sustainability is such a hot topic, has the industry not made more of the good that wider choice can do?

5. Why are we not hearing this from other information outlets that claim to speak for the industry?



Modernised manufacturing processes and technologies deliver a Rolled Lead Sheet product that is consistent both in terms of its physical and chemical composition.


(1) The accuracy attributed to its chemical composition allows the lead to better deal with issues relating to thermal expansion and contraction and its ability to be ‘worked’.

(2) Rolling precision delivers a thickness of lead sheet that is consistent across the entire sheet resulting in less fatigue related issues.


The dichotomy is that on the one hand, these modern manufacturing techniques and the investment is promoted as a benefit, whilst on the other, its insisted that modern specifications take no account of the same. 


This recognition for the correct use of the product description 'Colour Codes' as set out within the standard 12588, has opened up the market to the introduction of ‘The Complete Range’ of Lead products and the opportunity to achieve greater choice.




Sustainable production is not only a moral commitment, but a commercial imperative.


Health & Safety


The Health & Safety of staff, customers and the environment is our paramount concern.


Fitting Guides and Weight Charts


Installed inline with BS6915.

Size guides and weights charts for The Complete Range.


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Code Yellow 1.50mm


New to the UK

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Code Red 2.00mm 


Installed inline with BS6915.