Yellow Code - Flashing Lead

Yellow Code is used extensively across Europe when complying with DTU 40:46, UK metric version BS 6915.


Used for:

  • Abutment, Step Flashings and Soakers
  • Chimney Flashings, Gutters and Back Aprons
  • Lead Slates
  • Damp-Proof Course
  • Cover Flashings
  • Soakers


  • Maximum install length 1.5 metres
  • Maximum area not to exceed 0.35 m2
  • Optimum band choice 1.50 mm
  • Yellow Code can be welded

(Band range between 1.50m  and 1.59mm)

Yellow Code being used in the UK.

Manufactured to BS EN 12588:2006 – the status of a British Standard as published by the BSI.