How To Specify to 12588

Clearly, not all Rolled Lead is the same..! To protect your reputation ALLWAYS ensure that you specify that your lead has:

BSEN Certification , 50 year warranty, CE Marked and is BARMARK FREE... Here's how...



Designation - how to specify


To ensure that your project benefits from the optimum aesthetics as you’d expected from a professional and premium product, ENSURE that you specify, in addition to the example within 12588 (see designation 4.2) manufacturer ‘Abbey Metals’ as well as ‘Barmark free’.



Thickness Colour Code (see A1 BS EN 12588; 2006 A1), (expressed in mm to 6.00 mm)

  • Install inline with the UK National metric Standards BS 6915.
  • National House Builders Council (NHBC) approved.


  • The Colour Band as per BSEN 12588:2006
  • The thickness (example 2.00 mm)
  • The length in either 3 or 6 metre lengths
  • The width (example 600 mm).

Note: Width - Minimum 100 mm to maximum 1350 mm 

Example: Red, 2.00 mm x 6 mtr x 600 m


Note: Abbey Metals is the only manufacturer to offer

Barmark Free as standard.