Introducing: Rolled Lead sheet - the complete range

The Complete Range 

Rolled Lead Sheet for building purposes manufactured to BSEN 12588:2006; range from 1.25 mm up to 6.00 mm.


BSEN 12588 is a metric standard as is the British National Standard, BS 6915 (although 6915 continues to contain references to imperial sizes).


The complete range as defined within 12588 offers a wider range of product and installation options than previously available for purchase within the UK.



As a result of the CMA investigation into Roofing Materials (case reference 50477) some institutions have amended standards to include the correct product description as defined by 12588.


This recognition for the correct use of the product description 'Colour Codes' as set out in witihin the standard has opened up the market to the introduction of ‘The Complete Range’ of Lead products.



Historically, with a limited number of product lines, there has been a greater scope to over specify thickness. Abbey Metals calculates that this potential for over-specification may equate to as much as 4000 tonnes in any given year.


Specifiers may now choose to immediately save 20% on the

environmental impact of their project.


"Rather than change our logo to green, we thought we'd change the industry."


With a wider range of products, designers will now choose a thickness of Lead that best matches their requirement, the design life cycle of the building as well as the surrounding products and achieve a real saving in cost and contribute towards a more sustainable future.




Sustainable production is not only a moral commitment, but a commercial imperative.


Health & Safety


The Health & Safety of staff, customers and the environment is our paramount concern.


Fitting Guides and Weight Charts


Installed inline with BS6915.

Size guides and weights charts for The Complete Range.


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